7:10 Contest with Wiggy and McKay

Mar 19 2018 / 10:40 am

Weekday mornings, at 7:10am, Wiggy and McKay bring you a different daily contest with your chance to play along and WIN!


Monday - Movie MondayEvery Monday morning, Wiggy and McKay act out a scene from a movie. Be the first listener to call in to (613) 771-0100 and correctly identify the movie they are acting out and you’re the daily winner!


Tuesday – The Ultimate Ear Test Put your listening skills to the test every Tuesday with the Ultimate Ear Contest! Wiggy and McKay will play the “mystery sound” and you need to be the first to call in and correctly identify what the sound is. Call the studio at (613) 771-0100!


Wednesday – Lyrics with Bill Holland It’s lyrics with Bill Holland, from the Newsroom! Every Wednesday, Wiggy and McKay play a clip of Bill reading the lyrics to a Cool 100 song and you need to call in to (613) 771-0100 and be the first listener to correctly identify the song AND the artist to be the daily winner!


Thursday – Battle of the Sexes Every Thursday Wiggy and McKay have 2 listeners go head to head in the Battle of the Sexes. To play, be the first guy or girl to call (613) 771-0100. Wiggy and McKay then ask each caller 3 trivia questions and the man and woman go head to head! Whoever gets the most of their trivia questions correct wins the daily prize!


Friday – Are You Smarter Than…?Are You Smarter Than Wiggy or McKay? Prove it by being caller number 5 on Friday morning! Call in to (613) 771-0100 and go head to head answering 3 trivia questions against one of your Cool 100 Morning Show hosts!


Play along with a different daily game with chances to WIN with Wiggy and McKay!

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