Headlines or Deadlines

Mar 6 2017 / 12:01 am

Every weekday morning at 8:40, our News Director Paul Martin joins Wiggy and McKay for Headlines or Deadlines! Be Caller #5 the Cool 100 studio at 613-771-0100 to play!

How it works...

Paul Martin will read out 3 "News Headlines", 2 are true and one is FALSE. Do your best to correctly identify the FALSE headline and just for playing you'll win a $25 McDonald's Gift Card to try the new All-Day Breakfast Selections!

McDonald’s is now serving All-Day Breakfast Selections, including their sweet and fluffy hotcakes, McMuffins and beloved hash browns! Enjoy your morning favourites at any time of day! 

Prove that you know the news every weekday and win with Cool 100 and McDonald's, it's Headlines or Deadlines!  

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