Last Prize Standing Rules and Regulations

  1. Starting on Monday, March 26th Cool 100 will be playing the Last Prize Standing Contest
  2. Be listening, weekdays ONLY, for your chance to call in and qualify
  3. Caller 10 will have a chance to eliminate a prize from the list. If Caller 10 tries to eliminate a prize that was previously eliminate the play is over and the caller does not qualify.
  4. You many only QUALIFY ONCE PER PERSON
  5. The Last Prize Standing game board (found online at will be updated as frequently as possible. Please make note of the time code listed at the top of the game board to see when the list was last updated.
  6. Cool 100 is not responsible for any loss, dropped, or misdirected calls into the Prize Line (613)771-0100.
  7. There is no cash surrender value for any prize(s) gained through contesting on Cool 100. Prizes(s) must be accepted as awarded with respect to terms outlined by each client.
  8. Starboard Communications Ltd. is not responsible for any costs related to the prize(s) other than financial considerations paid unto the contest prize sponsor. Starboard Communications Ltd. (Cool 100) is not liable for any cash consideration back to the winners of the Last Prize Standing.
  9. Last Prize Standing sponsors and Starboard Communications Ltd. (Cool 100) cannot accept any financial responsibility for any costs or charges that the winning contestants may have to pay out of their own pocket because of the failure of any Service or Product supplier to supply any additional services the winner may desire.
  10. Starboard Communications Ltd. (Cool 100) cannot be held liable for any loss of personal property and/or life associated with the use of the prizes.
  11. In the event that the winner cannot accept the grand prize as offered; Starboard CommunicationsLtd. (Cool 100) will not be held responsible or held liable for any alternative remuneration, cash consideration, or the offering of an alternative prize. The Grand Prize must be accepted as offered.
  12. Winners will be required to sign a waiver of liability.
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